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Just the Right Mix of Message, Magic and More to Educate and Motivate Young Children!

engaged children during Steven Craig's preschool show

What’s the 'more'?  Your students thoroughly engaged by the show and ready to apply what they’ve learned in the show.

Steven Craig’s educational performance programs have been designed to enhance high-quality early learning among children attending preschools.

Blending magic, puppetry, and join-in storytelling, he uses a variety of engaging performance techniques which capture the attention of young children, involve them throughout the show, and reinforce key messages about important developmental and safety topics, including nutrition, dental hygiene, caring for the environment and abduction prevention.

"Christ's Church Nursery School recently held a Dad's Night for all the children and their dads at our school and we were fortunate to have Steven Craig's 'Silly Time Magic Show' as our entertainment for the evening. Steven was a big hit with the children and adults. He was able to capture their attention and keep it throughout the 45 minute show. Even some of our more questioning boys were heard to utter "this has to be a magic show - how did he do that!" As director, I was delighted with Steven's command of the audience and how much he was able to involve the children in the magic of the show. In the past I have had to intervene to help the entertainment keep the crowd under control, but not this time. Steven was able to work magic himself. I was also pleased that Steven was able to gear his show to the age level of the children. All in all, we had a delightful evening with Steven and I would totally recommend him to other groups looking for some wholesome entertainment."

Joanne Mazzeo, Director, Christ's Church Nursery School

Performance program lineup for preschools

Program #1: Lean, Clean Eating Machine

Topic: Nutrition.  Promote good eating habits.

Key message:  Eat good food because it makes you feel good and keeps you healthy.

Program #2: Teeth Are Neat

Topic:  Promote dental hygiene by making dental care fun.

Key message:  Eat good food (not sugary) to keep your teeth healthy.  Brush twice a day. It’s fun!

Program #3: Reading is Magic

Topic: Promote importance of reading by bringing storybooks magically to life.

Key message:  Read your books. Read with your mom and dad. Read with a friend.  Read!

smiling child looking up at Steven during birthday magic show

Program #4:  Safety First, Always Safe

Topic:  Abduction prevention, street safety, and home safety.

Key message:  “Don’t open the door to your house” is illustrated by using The Three Little Pigs folktale.  Additional messages about street safety and abduction prevention.

Programs #5, #6, and #7: Enviromagic series

Topics:  Recycling (#5).  Natural resources (#6).  Endangered species (#7).  These are three separate programs.

Key message:  You can take care of the environment!

Program #8:  Halloween Safety

Topic: Halloween themed show to give children safety tips on Halloween.

Key message:  Stay close to your parents.  Wear safety lights.


Additional Programs to reward students and promote your preschool:

Program #9  Sillytime Magic Show

Available as a show for children or as a show for families.

Program #10 Frosty’s Magic Show

"Thank you for coming to the Concord Children's Center! The children really enjoyed the show! You have a wonderful way of making children feel comfortable. Your humor is great! I have put out the flyers/coloring sheets for parents to take! Good luck and maybe we will see you again?"

Anne Doherty, Program Director

thank you card for Steven's preschool show
children's thank you card for Steven's preschool show
Milford Daisy thank you card for Steven's children's magic show
Milford Daisy thank you card for Steven's children's magic show 2
thank you from Daisy troop